The All-New Sports Enhancement Sensation: ESTROGEN!

Are you tired of being picked last for games? Tired of being told you’re just no good at sports? Try ESTROGEN! Despite your less-than-mediocre stats, conservatives simply won’t be able to help themselves in validating your sportsball prowess! “I mean, it was just so obvious really. Guys were already laughing at me when I’d try to play sports with them and would say ‘haha the girl’s locker room is over there, faggot!’ So it seemed like the logical thing to do!” ESTROGEN! It’ll make your muscles atrophy, but somehow conservatives will suddenly think you’re just so good at sports! Take … Continue reading The All-New Sports Enhancement Sensation: ESTROGEN!

Make Your Suicide Someone Else’s Problem

Content Warning:For talks about suicide in a way too casual and candid manner, which might make some readers uncomfortable. If you need someone to talk to, please reach out to:National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255Trans Lifeline: (877) 565-8860 _______________________________________ Now on with the show: I’ve dealt with suicidal ideation my entire life. But because I’ve been trained to not make my problems other people’s problems, all of my plans have had to involve the cleanest death possible, just so as not to inconvenience anyone who might find my body. In fact, I’ve literally planned out entire scenarios* where I would dig … Continue reading Make Your Suicide Someone Else’s Problem

Sweet Home AlaTRANa

Alabama might have a history of turning its back on its people, but Alabamians have an even richer history of taking back what’s ours! From the Montgomery Bus Boycotts to the Selma Voting Rights Marches… now that’s a rebel spirit we can get behind. Don’t let these anti-trans bills get y’all down. Be proud of where ya came from. Sure, Alabama has decided to ban trans athletes [Related: Should Trans Woman Athletes be Allowed in Sports?] and make treating trans minors a felony. But the South will rise up from this if we just keep our fighting spirits. Don’t lose … Continue reading Sweet Home AlaTRANa

Transgress Voter Suppression

An estimated nearly 1 million trans people are eligible to vote in the 2020 general election. However, 42% of these voters do not have identification that matches their gender identity. Trans people have been turned away from the polls when their presentation didn’t match the name and gender marker on their ID (such as a Vermont trans woman who was assumed to be committing fraud for appearing as a woman but showing an ID with a traditionally male name and a male gender marker at the polls). In some cases, some trans people are given provisional ballots if their ID … Continue reading Transgress Voter Suppression

No, I Haven’t Seen Both Sides

“Oh since you’re trans, you know what it’s like to be both a boy and a girl!” Incorrect. Sure, I have insight into the male world in that I know what locker room talk is, I know all their expectations and did in fact conform to a lot of them. I butched up hard in an attempt to blend in. But they always saw through it. If I got a cis guy experience, then it was as a “sissy faggot” who envied women but was so scared of men that I’d butch up if that’s what they expected of me. … Continue reading No, I Haven’t Seen Both Sides

How JK Rowling’s “Silence of the Pet Detective” Should Have Ended

It puts the transphobia on it’s Twitter or else it gets the hose again. You might have heard of JK Rowling’s new book “Troubled Blood” that’s earned her the hashtag #ripjkrowling. While she’s in fact not dead, her talent evidently is. This book follows a crossdressing serial killer who lures victims while in female attire. Sure, we could talk about this being indicative of her transphobia, but that’s played out by now. What really got me is that this is just the most unrealistic thing ever. Sure, there are serial killers who happen to crossdress, but they don’t crossdress to … Continue reading How JK Rowling’s “Silence of the Pet Detective” Should Have Ended

What Exactly is “Fully Transitioned”?

Just a reminder for trans people who say they’re “fully transitioned” because they’ve had SRS, and for cis people who ask if we’re “fully transitioned” (translation: “have you had the surgery yet?”) – transition is not linear. Not every trans person wants surgery. Not every trans person even wants HRT, for that matter. Transitioning is a personal process that’s unique to every individual. Saying that someone’s not “fully transitioned” because they haven’t had SRS implies that they’re not a real woman or man yet until they have the genitals you think they should have. And that line of thinking ultimately … Continue reading What Exactly is “Fully Transitioned”?

Why Transitioning Can Often Feel Like a Fetish

One thing I get asked frequently by trans women early in transition is the question of whether their gender identity is just a fetish. And ya know I started out only crossdressing in the bedroom. So it made me wonder if that’s all it was too? But this really has more to do with the way society paints trans women, and there are a few reasons for that: Lack of Nonsexualized Representations in MediaWe could talk about the fact that trans women – especially trans women of color – were barred from employment for so long (and still are to … Continue reading Why Transitioning Can Often Feel Like a Fetish