Why We Need LGBT Shelters

The LGBT community has one of the largest homeless populations in the US. However, many of us aren’t allowed in established shelters, many of which are run by religious organizations and are therefore legally allowed to discriminate against us.

Transgender women in particular have died on the streets  and been sexually assaulted in men’s shelters  due to shelters refusing them access to gender congruent shelters.

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless , 19% of trans people experience homelessness. And of those, 29% reported being turned away from shelters, and of those who were permitted shelter access, 55% report experiencing harassment by shelter staff or residents.

Hurdles to LGBT Housing

  • Employment Discrimination: According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, 25% of trans people report losing their job after coming out, and 75% report experiencing workplace discrimination.
  • Housing Discrimination: According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, “One in five transgender people in the United States has been discriminated when seeking a home, and more than one in ten have been evicted from their homes, because of their gender identity.”

It’s a cyclical problem. If we can’t get jobs and our housing choices are limited, then we’re probably going to stay homeless.

And this doesn’t even factor in the fact that, according to the True Colors Fund, “Half of all teens get a negative reaction from their parents when they come out to them,” and more than one in four are forced to leave their homes.

What We Can Do About It

This is a serious problem that desperately needs to be solved. So let’s solve it together! We’ve found multiple multifamily housing options in Pensacola for under $250k.

Housing means more than just a roof over someone’s head. Housing means an address people can use to obtain state ID, which is necessary in order to find employment and to be able to register to vote.

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Without adequate housing accommodations and a safety net to help the most vulnerable members in our community, this cycle only keep going. And it only gets worse.

This is a joint coalition between Transacola , Pensacola Osteopaths , and Strive .  We can point out the problems in our community all we want, but nothing will change until we do the work. So let’s put in that work together and donate now to get this shelter built!


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