Sweet Home AlaTRANa

“Sweet Home AlaTRANa” design shamelessly promoted here where we should be talking about real politics that effect our lives, but hey if we didn’t have art then we’d have nothing to fight for anyway, right? It’d be like that movie Equilibrium (RIP Sean Bean) and quite frankly if you’re trying to tell me not to promote my art at this time then I mean you’re basically just Christian Bale’s character in that movie trying to assassinate me for having “frivolous feelings”, and I simply will not abide that, so anyway check out this new design available in our shop!

Alabama might have a history of turning its back on its people, but Alabamians have an even richer history of taking back what’s ours!

From the Montgomery Bus Boycotts to the Selma Voting Rights Marches… now that’s a rebel spirit we can get behind.

Don’t let these anti-trans bills get y’all down. Be proud of where ya came from. Sure, Alabama has decided to ban trans athletes [Related: Should Trans Woman Athletes be Allowed in Sports?] and make treating trans minors a felony.

But the South will rise up from this if we just keep our fighting spirits. Don’t lose hope now, ya hear!?

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