Pensacola Trans Pride

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About Us

This was the first organization we started that sparked the rest, with the main goal in mind being to offer support group meetings without the gatekeeping or transmedicalism we saw in other such groups locally. Just a wholesome safe space where we could truly be our authentic selves, no matter where on the transgender spectrum we were.

Since then, we began aggregating resources for the community and helping (as much as we’re able) with transition-related healthcare costs.



What are the Medical Guidelines for Transition?

Wpath and UCSF Guidelines for the treatment of transgender patients.

What is Informed Consent?

My Body, My Choice!
Informed Consent and Why it Matters

What if I Change My Mind though?

No Regrets!
Busting the Detransition Myth

How will it Affect Fertility

Fertility Outcomes for Transgender Patients