Info on Masculinizing HRT

Masulinizing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a medication regiment that encourages fat redistribution, facial and body hair growth, increased muscle mass, and deepening of the voice.

As you’ll notice, Masculinizing HRT is quite a bit more straight-forward than feminizing HRT. There’s no need for estrogen suppression, as testosterone kind of just elbows its way in. And there are no additional hormones to worry about (as in the case of progesterone). All you need is one medication: testosterone. It comes readily available in two basic forms: injections and topicals. Unfortunately, oral options are not currently viable for T for the purposes of HRT due to their toxicity to the liver. 


Testosterone Cypionate (Depo-Testosterone) – bioidentical testosterone in the form of a weekly or biweekly injection. The release time of the drug is 8-10 days, so weekly dosing may be desirable to avoid hot flashes and dips in energy levels. 

Topical Testosterone (Androgel) – topical testosterone gel application. Rubbed on the thighs or shoulders every day. The benefit to topical T is that hormone levels don’t fluctuate as much as with injections, where you can get big peaks and drops. Clothing should be worn over application sites to avoid transferring T to other people, and the application site should remain dry for at least 2 hours to ensure absorption.